What is this?

Experience the inner workings of the stable diffusion algorithm with a Journey in Latentspace. Our collection of 360 degree panorama images allows you to fully immerse yourself in the world of stable diffusion. Explore the hidden depths of what lies between prompts and marvel at the stunning images created. Visit us at journeyinlatenspace.com and discover the beauty of the latent space.

This site was as a part of Bens Bites Hackathon , in December 2022.

Cool! How can I make these panoramas myself?

I have code on github which uses the Replicate API for all the models (just make an account on Replicate.com and generate an API key.)
I am working on an API to generate panoramas. Unfortunately, it is not yet ready.

How was this made?

Stable diffusion (inpainting), and upsampling with ESRGAN. chatGPT very kindly helped with the edition of all text.
The background picture on this page was made with the Openhero stable diffusion checkpoint.


If you have any feedback, please let me know on @jasperschoormns. Or using this form here.